Ancient Egyptians Appearance

Their skin was white at birth indicating an Asiatic origin

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From the painting and the statuary we picture the ancient Egyptians appearanceas as a physically vigorous people, muscular, broad-shouldered, thin-waisted, full-lipped, and flat-footed from going unshod.

Ancient egypt clothing

Ancient Egyptians Appearance

The upper classes are represented as fashionably slender, imperiously tall, with oval face, sloping forehead, regular features, a long, straight nose, and magnificent eyes.

Their skin was white at birth (indicating an Asiatic rather than an African origin), but rapidly darkened under the Egyptian sun;

their artists idealized them in painting the men red, the women yellow; perhaps these colors were merely cosmetic styles.

The man of the people, however, is pictured as short and squat, like the "Sheik-el-Beled," formed by heavy toil and an unbalanced ration; his features are rough, his nose blunt and wide; he is intelligent but coarse.

Perhaps, as in so many other instances, the people and their rulers were of different races: the rulers of Asiatic, the people of African, derivation.

The ancient egyptians appearance of the hair was dark, sometimes curly, but never woolly.

Women bobbed their hair in the most modern mode; men shaved lips and chin, but consoled themselves with magnificent wigs.

Often, in order to wear these more comfortably, they shaved the head; even the queen consort (e.g., Ikhnaton's mother Tiy) cut off all her hair to wear more easily the royal wig and crown.

It was a matter of rigid etiquette that the king should have the biggest wig.

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