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Ancient Egypt Book of The Dead

A still better way to Immortality was to buy the Book of the Dead scrolls for which the priests had written prayers, formulas and charms calculated to appease, even to deceive, Osiris. When, after a hundred vicissitudes and perils, the dead soul at last reached Osiris, it was to address the great Judge in some such manner as this:

    "O Thou who speedest Time's advancing wing, Thou dweller in all mysteries of life, Thou guardian of every word I speak— Behold, Thou art ashamed of me, thy son;

    Thy heart is full of sorrow and of shame, For that my sins were grievous in the world, And proud my wickedness and my transgression.

    Oh, be at peace with me, oh, be at peace, And break the barriers that loom between us! Let all my sins be washed away and fall Forgotten to the right and left of thee! Yea, do away with all my wickedness, And put away the shame that fills thy heart, That Thou and I henceforth may be at peace."

Ancient Egypt Book of The Dead

Or the soul was to declare its innocence of all major sins, in a "Negative Confession" that represents for us one of the earliest and noblest expressions of the moral sense in man:

    "Hail to Thee, Great God, Lord of Truth and Justice!

    I have come before Thee, my Master;

    I have been brought to see thy beauties. ...

    I bring unto you Truth. ...

    I have not committed in-iquity against men.

    I have not oppressed the poor. ...

    I have not laid labor upon any free man beyond that which he wrought for himself. ...

    I have not defaulted,

    I have not committed that which is an abomination to the gods.

    I have not caused the slave to be ill-treated of his master.

    I have not starved any man,

    I have not made any to weep,

    I have not assassinated any man, ...

    I have not com¬mitted treason against any.

    I have not in aught diminished the sup-plies of the temple;

    I have not spoiled the show-bread of the gods. ...

    I have done no carnal act within the sacred enclosure of the temple.

    I have not blasphemed. ...

    I have not falsified the balance.

    I have not taken away milk from the mouths of sucklings.

    I have . . . not taken with nets the birds of the gods ...

    I am pure. I am pure. I am pure."

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