Did Ancient Egypt' Pyramid Builders have Consciousness or Were they Unconscious?

by Osama El-kadi

What is Consciousness?

According to a growing numbers of scientists and philosophers, the Ancient Egyptians and indeed humanity itself was unconscious up until the late second millennium BC (1300 BC).

This major theory was populated by the late great philosopher Professor Julian Jaynes in the seventies in his land mark book "The Origin of Consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind".

His book caused a major stir until today within the academic circles for the sheer magnitude of the theory and its implication for humanity going forward and its totally misunderstood history.

This theory can indeed be compared if not excel in its influence to that of Copernicus, Freud, Darwin and many more. Time will of course tell. History tells us that great theories takes time and sometimes up to forty years to be accepted or even acknowledged by the established orthodoxy of the fragmented academia.

Among the ten thousand or so books I have read and kept so far, none equals this master piece in its originality or magnitude, that of course if one is interested in understanding who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

It is not the easiest read in the world but certainly the most fulfilling by far. In fact, if I am to invent a time machine and travel in any direction, future or past for thousands of years and being asked what book to take with me, I must without hesitation chose this one. For this reason, I actually purchased four copies of it!!!

This article is not an advertising for the book for the simple reason that this book is out of print since 1992 and the author passed away in 1997. Having said this, Julian Jaynes followers are plenty and growing in numbers by the day. Just Google " Julian jaynes" and see for yourself.

What is consciousness? As there is no agreed definition among the "gurus" of the term we must rely here on what Julian jaynes has implied in his book, if we to understand the subject.

Consciousness is not cognition, perception or awareness. It is our "invented" ability to narratise or visualise our actions, past, present in our mind space, and see the outcomes. It is the process of decision making by the individual in the absence of a guiding authority, be it voice of god or a subconscious stimuli of any kind.

The simple act of remembering our past, seeing ourselves in it, looking into the future, seeing the result of our potential actions in our mind space, is Consciousness. Something that our ancestors up to 3000 years ago, did not have as a mentality.

This kind of conscious mentality that we enjoy today was not what our ancestors 3000 years ago experienced. They experienced a non-conscious type of mentality based on a two chambers brain functions. You may like to call it the left and the right brains. The right brain hallucinating voices and commands at the slightest of stress to the left brain, who in turn simply obey the commands as if they were coming from God or the dead king or a dead relative of influence.

These voices continued to be heard even after the king or relative has died. Which of course explains why kings in ancient Egypt and other civilisations were buried as if they were alive, with all their belonging and some food too. They were not thought of as dead, just alive and well but now transformed to Gods i.e. (Isis, Osiris, Horus etc).

What concern us here in this brief article, is the fact that this type of mentality while able to think, reason, act, and even build empires, had no concept of time or self as we know it today. This fact alone among many others included in the theory has great implications for humanity and it's past.

The first implication of this theory is that we will never nor can we go back to the "good old days" described by many spiritualists movement of our days. Simply because our mentality has evolved from this simple "bicameral" one to a conscious egoistic, self-aggrandizing, self-admiration one.

Hence, no end to the "I" in everything we do, such a thing as "I" didn't exist in the ancient times. It is fruitless to try to go back to "the good old days" and we must improve on what we got the way we are doing now.

Second and The most important implication is that we will never know the age of the pyramids of Egypt, who build them and how long did they take to do so.

For all that we care, it could have taken a thousand years or five thousand years to be built the pyramids starting from 10,000 BC or even 20,000 BC; we will simply never ever know. And don't you believe the "new age" scientists that tells you otherwise to make profit and sell books.

Such a theory of consciousness without a doubt kills from the root the idea that extraterrestrials being have visited earth or that they built the pyramid. The only plausibility for the secret of the great pyramid is that it was to house the God King while the population was still hearing his voice in their head even after he died.

Of course, we are still in transition period from this old bicameral mentality to the newly invented subjective conscious one 3000 years ago.

Our search for authority after the voices guiding us have disappeared still to a large extent control many phenomenon of our world today!!!

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