In the Life of Ancient Egypt

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According to their means they repaired the handiwork of nature with subtle ancient Egypt cosmetics art.

Faces were rouged, lips were painted, nails were colored, hair and limbs were oiled; even in the sculptures the Egyptian women have painted eyes.

Ancient Egypt Cosmetics

Those who could afford it had seven creams and two kinds of rouge put into their tombs when they died.

The remains abound in toilet sets, mirrors, razors, hair-curlers, hair-pins, combs, cosmetic boxes, dishes and spoons—made of wood, ivory, alabaster or bronze, and designed in delightful and appropriate forms.

Eye-paint still survives in some of the tubes.

The kohl that women use today for painting the eyebrows and the face is a lineal descendant of the oil used by the Egyptians; it has come down to us through the Arabs, whose word for it, al-kohl, has given us our word alcohol.

Perfumes of all sorts were used on the body and the clothes, and homes were made fragrant with incense and myrrh.m

Ancient Egypt cosmetics

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