In the Life of Ancient Egypt

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Both sexes loved ornament, and covered neck, breast, arms, wrists and ankles with jewelry.

Ancient Egypt Jewelry

Ancient Egypt Jewelry

As the nation fattened on the tribute of Asia and the commerce of the Mediterranean world, jewelry ceased to be restricted to the aristocracy, and became a passion with all classes.

Every scribe and merchant had his seal of silver or gold; every man had a ring, every woman had an ornamental chain.

These chains, as we see them in the museums today, are of infinite variety: some of them two to three inches, some of them five feet, in length; some thick and heavy, some "as slight and flexible as the finest Venetian lace.

About the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty earrings became de rigueur; every one had to have the ears pierced for them, not only girls and women, but boys and men.

Men as well as women decorated their persons with bracelets and rings, pendants and beads of costly stone.

The women of ancient Egypt could learn very little from us in the matter of cosmetics and jewelry if they were rein¬carnated among us today.

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