"An Article on a Journey to Egypt"

Journey to Egypt & the Past

Journey to Egypt & the Past
By Karen Frank

Everyone knows the feeling you get when you are certain you have done this before or have been there before. We call this "deja vu" and I have come to learn that this phenomena could be past life memories.

I promised to write about my Egyptian journey and here is the scoop on my journey and my self discovery for past lives.

For 20 years plus I have been certain that I was deeply connected with Egypt and Egyptian history with no apparent reasons.

I have decorated with Egyptian artifacts and found myself drawn to Egyptian culture.

I found a need to know Egypt and understand its way of life. The connection to these desires has now been answered.

Upon arrival in Cairo, Egypt I was overwhelmed with the typical feelings one has after 11 hours on one airplane and 2 hours on another.

Travel had started early in the day and did not end until the next day in the afternoon hours.

I did not notice upon my arrival any deep connections with Egypt or any overwhelming feelings about being in this foreign country or even any glimmer of a past life memory.

I was, of course, a little disappointed as the first full day passed and I still felt nothing and had no past memories recalled. I had already visited the Great Pyramids of Giza and remained unaffected.

I walked the steps of the pyramids and their beauty and size were an awesome sight and truly a sight that will take your breath away in an instant.

It was beyond belief and comprehension that humans built this so long, long ago, 2000 B.C.

The architecture held for all of us the deepest questions of how? As I climbed down into the pyramid I still felt no connection to this land I had so yearned to be visiting, no connection to Egypt or the expansiveness of the Sahara Desert. I gathered sand in my hand to experience the energy of the thousands of generations that had walked here before me.

I placed my hands on the sides of this huge structure that is one of the seven wonders of the world and still nothing.

As I departed the Pyramids of Giza I was deeply saddened to find still no recollection to being in this very ancient place. that made my heart ache to visit for so many decades and now approaching middle age I needed to have peace of mind for these memories.

I did experience some light headedness caused no doubt by the extreme heat of the North Africa sun!

A camel ride felt natural and was scary and fun for me while the others in my group tended to be a bit squeamish and fearful I rode “Moses” as if he were always mine.

Our camel guide let my fiancé, Alan and I ride without his assistance. We trotted across the Sahara Desert, I was a natural! I am certain though that our camel was well trained – similar to a horseback ride on a set trail.

I hoped Moses knew where he was going and what to do, if not I did not want to know or believe that I controlled that gigantic camel all by myself!

By the way, to mount a camel, this 2 meter tall animal that is so huge and strong actually kneels down on all four legs for you to climb upon his back.

It is quite a shock to your system when he stands up. Imagine a horse doing exactly this act and you will have a similar picture in your mind.

The next stop was the old city of Cairo previously named the Old Coptic Quarters. As we drove through the ancient streets we saw many buildings unfinished.

As I am an inquiring type of person, go figure, I asked about all of these buildings half completed.

It was told to us that the reason none of the buildings were completed had to do with taxes.

If a building is not finished there are no taxes paid on it! Could you imagine riding down every street in your city with half finished buildings? What a sight!

Here we visited to Coptic churches and viewed their work left for us many centuries ago to enjoy. The grandness of the churches décor is nothing like you have ever seen before.

I was impressed with the fact that this was created so many years ago. Our next stop, however, is the one that gave me an unbelievable sensation, I felt God bumps run all over my body, from head to toe, (some people call them goose bumps, but for me they are God bumps). I entered the oldest synagogue in the world, Ben Ezra.

Tears filled my eyes and my breath was taken away. I could not fight the tears and so I let myself experience all I had come to Egypt for. As I write this now I find I am teary eyed and choked up at the remembrance of this energy.

The synagogue, once a Coptic Church, was sold to the Jews by Michael, a patriarch towards the end of the 9th century. Although it has been restored to its full splendor there remains no Jewish community.

Now, feeling some relief with this knowledge of possibly being a Jew with an Egyptian life or life as a Coptic Egyptian I let these thoughts penetrate my mind and rest there for awhile. Being open to almost any explanation I wondered if I was an Egyptian even further back in time to when the synagogue was in fact a church?

Thoughts and wonderment swirled through my brain cells. I could also believe I had more then one life in ancient Egypt.

From this information I felt a sense of peaceful serenity, a lightness, and as a result life has gotten just a little better.

I believe that when we are gifted information it allows us to grow so much and heal more easily. When we know the “how” and “why” we often find our paths more readily.

Grateful for this experience I found myself smiling a lot and enjoying the rest of the many sights and the history of Ancient Egyptian times.

We experienced a felucca (an Egyptian sailboat) ride to the island of Philae. Here you will find temples and structures of great magnitude and grandeur preserved for us by being buried under tons of sand for thousands of years.

The temples and tombs showed their colors brilliantly and to think that the Egyptians never mixed paints to create these magnificent colors. They only used the natural stones and ores and minerals of the earth.

Upon setting foot on the shore of the island of Philae my body was covered with “God bumps” in over 100 degree weather and I began once again to feel a sense of familiarity, as if I had been here previously.

I was not overcome with tears but had a deep, deep feeling that I was “home.” I knew I had been here before.

As our guide spoke I began to get even greater chills all over my body and Alan was awestruck and concerned at the same time since I practically passed out and not from the heat this time! I found some shade and a rock to sit upon while Ismail, our Egyptologist and guide continued to describe this place as the “healing” island where many people came to receive medical treatments.

As he continued to speak about the medical practices such as self hypnosis along with meditation, dream interpretation, chakra and energy healing I KNEW I WAS HOME.

These were all the tools I use! It became clear to me in that instant that this is where I learned my skills and this was my home.

I have always believed that I was given a gift to help others because through my healing work with hypnotic techniques for medical ailments so many individuals have experienced profound healing.

As I began to feel steadier I acknowledged this gift from ancient Egypt.

As we worked our way through the crowds, I turned to Alan and said, “Quick, give me a piece of paper I need to draw what I remember.” I draw the temple before we see it together for the first time in this life; I sketched the healing rooms and the corridors to the exact numbers and locations.

I noted the chamber that I felt certain contained the ultimate answers to my questions of this past life. I grab Alan and begin to run through the crowds of people and through the entrance to the temple and down the hall gasping for air, unable to breathe easily, but I do not stop. I keep going until I locate “my chamber.” I walk in and it is small, I seem to remember it and the four walls and then out of my peripheral vision I see it, the wall that is mine, I am hot and sweaty and now having a really bad hair day I grapple my way over to the wall and place my hands upon it and there I feel the imprints of my hands already there upon the wall.

I begin to get even hotter and hotter physically and it is at that moment I am in complete and utter peace while my hands resemble the color of the brightest red you can imagine. My accuracy even astonished me and to this day Alan has said, “If I were not there to see all of this I would not have believed it.

This temple was built as a way to worship Isis, Romans and Greeks came in crowds to the shrine of this healing Goddess. Isis who embodied the role of a nourishing goddess and wife of Osiris became a heroine in her own way.

The belief of healing was placed upon this tiny island. The hieroglyphics reveal they knew about brain surgery as well as natural child birth.

It is a humbling experience for Americans with all our modern technology, there is nothing really new. We have so much to thank the ancient Egyptians for; they have provided us with so much knowledge and forward thinking.

Their tools are our tools and the Egyptians portrayed upon their walls that they lived full lives that were balanced and filled with greatness. They showed honor to both mother earth and the heavens above. They were a great people.

As I sit on the deck of our boat I am watching my last sunset over the Nile River and I feel a deeper sense of wholeness. I recall being told the belief that “if you touch the waters of the Nile you will return to it one day.”

I leave the deck and cross the drawbridge to dry land and I bend down and smile at my reflection and I run my fingers over the waters of the Nile River and then I know, deeply know, I will return home once again.

I am reminded to live each day to its fullest with passion and conviction for what you believe.

And as the Egyptians say, “May your heart be as light as a feather.”

With light, Dr. Karen Frank aka The Bumble Bee Lady

Travel Tips to Egypt:

No travelers checks please!, lots of $1.00 bills, a hat, a small hand held battery operated fan, be in great shape for walking and climbing, toilet paper in your back pack, and enjoy getting up very early to be out of the sun by 1:00 PM! Finally, if smoking bothers you be aware that they smoke everywhere in Egypt.

*Pictures of Moses my camel and me are available on my website, www.drkarenfrank.com.

Karen Frank holds a Doctorate degree in Metaphysics and is the Founder and President of Dr. Karen Frank's Center for Holistic Wellness and Healing Hypno-Harmonics, a CD series for self hypnosis. She is a frequent guest on Radio shows nationwide and teaches in the United States as well as other countries. A published Author and accomplished motivational speaker and trainer, Dr. Frank has more than 20 years of experience and research as a Medical Hypnotist and a background in Nursing. Karen is also a certified F.I.R.E. walk Instructor and addresses hundreds of groups each year teaching people in the areas of personal and professional growth. She has helped thousands to discover their own full potential since she has come from welfare, food stamps and homelessness. Her fantastic success ratio is attributed to her winning motivational abilities and in part her profound understanding of individuals' readiness and acceptance toward healing themselves through her guidance. Her book. "Healing with past Lives" won the 2003 New Age Book award.

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