Ancient Egypt Manufacturers

"They learned the art of fusing copper with tin to make bronze"

Ancient Egypt Manufacturers

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In its earliest dynasties Egyptian were great Manufacturers, they learned the art of fusing copper with tin to make bronze: first, bronze weapons swords, helmets and shields; then bronze tools wheels, rollers, levers, pulleys, windlasses, wedges, lathes, screws, drills that bored the toughest diorite stone, saws that cut the massive slabs of the sarcophagi.

Ancient Egypt Manufacturers made brick, cement and plaster of Paris; they glazed pottery, blew glass, and glorified both with color.

They were masters Manufacturers in the carving of wood; they made everything from boats and carriages, chairs and beds, to handsome coffins that almost invited men to die.

Out of animal skins they made clothing, quivers, shields and seats; all the arts of the tanner are pictured on the walls of the tombs; and the curved knives represented there in the tanner's hand are used by cobblers to this day.

From the papyrus plant ancient Egypt Manufacturers artisans made ropes, mats, sandals and paper.

Other Manufacturers developed the arts of enameling and varnishing, and applied chemistry to industry.

Still others wove tissues of the subtlest weave in the history of the textile art; specimens of linen woven four thousand years ago show today, despite time's corrosion, "a weave so fine that it requires a magnifying glass to distinguish it from silk; the best work of the modern machine-loom is coarse in comparison with this fabric of the ancient Egyptian hand-loom.

"If," says Peschel:

    "we compare the technical inventory of the Egyptians with our own, it is evident that before the invention of the steam-engine we scarcely excelled them in anything."

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