"About Osama El-Kadi and Love Egypt.Com"

"About Osama El-Kadi and Love Egypt Website"

Osama El-kadi by the Egyptian Pyramids

About Osama El-Kadi and Love-Egypt.Com

I developed this Website out of sheer love for my home country Egypt.

During my long search on the Internet for information and knowledge about Egypt and despite the existence of numerous resources on Egypt I felt that few things were lacking:

  • Ease of reading and navigation
  • live video presentations
  • non-commercial approach
  • ability to communicate with webmasters
  • Passion
  • Fun

In addition, I discovered that "Egypt" is one of the most searched words on the world wide web with demand in some cases exceeding that of the supply of information.

I decided therefore to develop this website and to bring large materials from free sources plus my own materials and also write articles from my personal experience on the subject. Hoping to fill the gap mentioned above.

On a personal note.

My name is Osama El-Kadi, I was born in 1955 in Manchester England (during my father university study in the UK)

By profession, I am an independent business motivational speaker and business strategist, mainly operating from the UK. Developing this Website about Egypt, is a matter of personal pride and for love, nothing else.


  • An Account of Egypt - Herodotus
  • History of Egypt - Hally H . R, King
  • Cleopatra - Jacob Abbott
  • Story of civilisation - Will Durant
  • An Egyptian Princess - Eberr, George
  • History of Egypt - Maspero Gaston
  • History of Egypt from 330 BC to Present - Rappoports . S
  • The Treasury of Ancient Egypt - Weigall, Arthur

Please Contact me, make a comment or Contribute

Best Regards

Osama El-Kadi

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"About Osama El-Kadi and Love Egypt"

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