Ancient Egyptian Plant Gods

Many plants were sacred to them

Plant God of Ancient egypt

Ancient Egyptian Plant Gods

So exuberant was this piety that the Egyptians worshiped not merely the source, but almost every form, of life.

Many plants were sacred to them and treated as Plant Gods.

  • The palm-tree that shaded them amid the desert,
  • the spring that gave them drink in the oasis,
  • the grove where they could meet and rest,
  • the sycamore flourishing miraculously in the sand;
These were, with excellent reason, holy things and Plant Gods.

And to the end of his civilization the simple Egyptian brought them offerings of cucumbers, grapes and figs.

Even the lowly vegetable found its devotees; and Taine amused himself by showing how the onion that so displeased Bossuet had been a divinity on the banks of the Nil.

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