What Did the Ancient Egyptian Really Believe in, Eternal Life or Resurrection after Death?

It makes me wonder when I hear great historians and scholars on Egyptology "still" believing that the whole Egyptian civilisation; monuments, temples, statues, pyramids and mummification, were all about “Resurrection after Death!” and that the Egyptians believed they will come back to life again.

The Great Egyptians

To think that the whole civilisation of Ancient Egypt that lasted nearly 4000 years uninterrupted was built on such a belief, certainly defy logic and insults the imagination of those ancient giants.

What is really more interesting is the fact that the truth behind their great achievement is so obvious and simple to understand, if we try....

It is really obvious why the Ancient Egyptians built these great monuments and preserved their bodies.

While the great scholars and learned people still argue about the motive of those ancient people.

How can anyone think that the ancient Egyptians after completely dissecting and emptying the body of the king or the queen of all his/her organs and tissues, CAN still come to life in this same body?

Indeed such a though doesn’t Make sense.

It must have escaped the scholars, that in ancient times what really mattered for the “Elite” of any society was their deep down desire “TO BE REMEMBERED!” For a thousand years to come.

To be Remembered as great worriers, thinkers, lovers, engineers, healers, administrators, Kings Queens and so on...

In fact, none other than the Ancient Egyptians have succeeded fully in achieving such a cause...For they are not only still remembered after 7000 years, but also their bodies and work can be seen by the naked eye today!

They are certainly remembered and with a style unique only to the ancient Egyptians....

Understanding this simple fact, we may now see what the ancient Egyptians meant by “Eternal Life” or even the “misunderstood” slogan of “Resurrection after Death”...

The best that Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector, Arthur and other heroes of history had hoped for was to be remembered for a thousand years.

remembered for their courage and the wars they fought and won, the passion and love they gave to their women...and so on..

Those heroes partially succeeded... and we "vaguely" remember them, but with no records, Artifice, bodies or temples to prove that they really ever existed.

So we made them "legends" instead, simply to keep their dreams "and ours" alive for as long as possible...

We do indeed pay homage every now and again to them by making a film or write a story about them..

The Ancient Egyptians on the other hand, have triumphantly made us not only fully remember them but also see them in the “flesh” so to speak.

They preserved their bodies for 7000 years to prove to us that they existed beyond any shadow of a doubt.

They built their temples with such powerful foundation and genius engineering to last for millenniums to come, only to show us their lives, genius and power.

To prove beyond doubt that they not only existed, but also flourished, conquered, fought courageously and loved with great passion.

They left us their poems and love stories to show us how great lovers they were.

They left us their medicines in their tombs and treatments to show us how great physicians they were.

They told us their stories and courage at wars to show us how they fought and conquered....

and they preserved their knowledge for us for 7000 years to marvel at... for eternity..

Certainly they have been Resurrected after death and will live for eternity.

Always remember the famous Arab Proverb of the 9th century:

"Men Fear Time...... But Time Fear the Pyramid"

Time Fear the Pyramid!

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