Sky God

"In the life of Ancient Egypt Religion"

In the beginning, said the Egyptian, was the sky god; and to the end this and the Nile remained his chief divinities.

Horus Sky-god of ancient egypt

Ancient Egypt Sky God

All these marvelous heavenly bodies were not mere bodies, they were the external forms of mighty spirits, Sky god whose will not always concordant ordained their complex and varied movements.

The sky itself was a vault, across whose vastness a great cow stood, who was the goddess Hathor; the earth lay beneath her feet, and her belly was clad in the beauty of ten thousand stars.

Or (for the gods and myths differed from nome to nome) the sky god was the god Sibu, lying tenderly upon the earth, which was the goddess Nuit; from their gigantic copulation all things had been born.

Constellations and stars might be sky god: for example, Sahu and Sopdit (Orion and Sirius) were tremendous deities; Sahu ate gods three times a day regularly.

Occasionally some such monster ate the moon, but only for a moment; soon the prayers of men and the anger of the other gods forced the greedy sahu to vomit it up again.

In this manner the Egyptian populace explained an eclipse of the moon.

The moon was a god, perhaps the oldest of all that were worshiped in Egypt; but in the official theology the greatest of the gods was the sun.

Ancient Egypt Sky God

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